CROSS ELEMENTS is an avant-garde jewelry brand with an atelier based in Lisbon, Portugal. Established in 2018 in Saint Petersburg, Russia by Anton Kuzmin, an artist with a background in fashion and architecture, CROSS ELEMENTS began as a capsule jewelry project inspired by avant-garde fashion. Over time, it has evolved into a well-defined brand with a distinctive DNA that seamlessly merges the natural beauty of materials with industrial aesthetics.

Our jewelry blends classical principles with contemporary design methods, resulting in pieces that are not only visually stunning but also engineered for comfort. In early 2023, our atelier relocated to Lisbon, Portugal, bringing our unique aesthetics to the global market. We believe in the perfection of nature and are committed to following the inherent properties of natural materials, revealing their beauty through our jewelry.


All CROSS ELEMENTS jewelry is meticulously handcrafted in our atelier in Lisbon, Portugal. Imperfections, tool marks, and variations in patina shade make each item unique. This is the nature of our process, which begins with a perfect 3D model or a hand-carved wax form and passes through many manufacturing stages. Each step adds to the story, leaving its own unique marks on the way to the final product.