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Cuff Earring with Inserts [CF013-BSPA]

Cuff Earring with Inserts [CF013-BSPA]


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Dimentions: Inner diameter 10 mm, cuff width 6 mm
Weight: 3.2 g
Material: Sterling silver (.925)
Surface Finish: Oxide patina
Inserts: Black spinel

Wide cuff earring featured 5 spikes with black spinel inserts 1.5mm in diameter. Made of oxidized sterling silver with a patina effect [PA]. Comes with an anti-tarnish box and pouch for safekeeping. Earrings are sold as singles and not as a pair.

Imperfections and tool marks are part of the design. Each item passes through multiple manufacturing process. Each step adds its own marks, which makes every piece unique with its own story and patina shades, and will vary from the photograph you see.

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